The first Intelligent Underground Cable Line is Put into Operation in Nanjing

On January 10, the monitoring information of the first intelligent underground cable line in China was officially connected to Nanjing cable lean management and control platform, marking that Nanjing took the lead in realizing 24-hour real-time unmanned patrol inspection of high-voltage cable line in China, with a response speed of “second level”.

In the exploration of smart cable line construction, State Grid Nanjing power supply company has successively carried out 7 key technologies such as “multi scene intelligent system linkage technology of tunnel based on edge computing”, and completed the key technology research at all levels. One of the technologies won the third prize of Jiangsu Electric Power Science and technology progress, providing technical support for the construction of smart cable lines.

Nanjing 220kV ningmo line cable tunnel has a total length of 5.9km. It starts from 220kV Mochou Lake substation in the West and ends at 220kV Ninghai Road Substation in the East. It crosses Qinhuai River from the underground. It is the main line of East-West ring network in the main urban area of Nanjing. After access to the management and control platform, more than 800 sensing devices of 53 categories in the tunnel can collect information in real time, realizing real-time sensing, holographic interconnection, independent early warning and intelligent disposal of cable tunnel and line status. Through the “three-dimensional inspection by human-machine cooperation”, the hidden dangers of equipment can be checked and found at any time to effectively ensure the safety of urban power supply. It is known as “the first artificial intelligence high-voltage cable tunnel based on the concept of ubiquitous power Internet of things”.

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