The First County Demonstration of Ubiquitous Power Internet of Things in Hunan Province has Been Completed

In the future, traveling to Shaoshan, dining depends on all electric kitchen cooking, accommodation in all electric accommodation, travel can rent all electric test drive, all electricity demand can be realized through “one key control” of mobile phone Today, State Grid Hunan Electric Power Co., Ltd. held a press conference to announce the initial completion of “digital Shaoshan”, the first county wide demonstration of the power Internet of things in Hunan, and Shaoshan started the process of full electrification and digitalization.

Under the background of digital economy, it is very important to realize strong smart grid and ubiquitous power Internet of things integration development at the county level. At present, all parts of the country are actively exploring effective ways. State Grid Hunan electric power started the construction project of “digital Shaoshan” in 2019, with a planned investment of 830 million yuan. Through three years in Shaoshan, the County demonstration benchmark of digital power supply service command system and the demonstration window of ubiquitous power Internet of things construction achievements have been fully built, accumulating replicable experience for the construction of “three types and two networks” in the whole province.

Since the start of the project, the grid structure of Shaoshan area has been optimized, and the transmission and distribution capacity has been significantly enhanced. Up to now, the problem of grid overload has been basically solved, and the problem of low voltage has been greatly improved, and the reliability rate of power supply has reached 99.85%. A number of smart substations, smart lines, smart distribution rooms, low-voltage distribution network intelligent perception system, distribution automation system, etc. have been built. Artificial intelligence technology effectively replaces traditional operation and maintenance.Through the coordinated development of strong smart grid and ubiquitous power Internet of things, Shaoshan City has achieved remarkable results in promoting “full electrification”. At present, Shaoshan City’s public transportation has fully started the electric transformation, and the promotion of all electric kitchens has been accelerated. 31 charging piles have been built in Shaoshan City. This year, 3 million kwh of electric energy can be replaced, and the proportion of electric energy consumption has increased to 73.35%, and 5960 tons of carbon dioxide emissions have been reduced throughout the year.

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