Qinghai Hainan ± 800kV Converter Station is the First Domestic UHV Power Grid Project in Plateau Winter Construction

On December 3, one by one “iron and steel giants” – converter station equipment framework lifted and soared to the sky beside Longyangxia lake, Gonghe County, Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Qinghai Province. Hainan converter station, the first Qinghai Henan ± 800kV HVDC transmission project in the world, which mainly serves photovoltaic power generation and all clean energy is bundled and sent out, solves the problem that outdoor UHV projects in winter cannot be constructed in plateau areas. From the beginning of November to March 15, 2020, 140 days of “non-stop construction in winter” will be realized.

At the project site, just after a heavy snowfall, the framework of AC filter field was hoisted orderly, the decoration of main control building was in full swing, and the assembly type cable trench was packaged and constructed carefully In the construction area on the left side of 750kV GIS, the construction personnel are carrying out the assembly type cable trench operation. Touching the cable trench by hand, they can feel the extreme smoothness of the surface and the high-quality fusion of the splicing section, which is no different from the construction quality in summer.

According to Wang Maozhong, deputy manager of the project Department of the owner, “the prefabricated cable trench is adopted in the project, and the production is completed in three manufacturers in advance, and the autoclave curing technology is adopted. The film removal is early, the strength is high, the process quality is good, and the construction period is about 70% shorter than that of the cast-in-place cable trench. The on-site installation quality is not affected by the low temperature.”Hainan converter station is the terminal station of Qinghai Henan ± 800kV HVDC transmission project, which plays an important role in Qinghai green power transmission. In order to ensure that on June 30, 2020, the low-end of bipolar will start live commissioning, the project has realized outdoor construction under the harsh climate conditions such as low temperature and low pressure in winter on the plateau through technical innovation and solid logistics medical support. Wang Maozhong said: “the construction of the project is also conducive to giving full play to the advantages of clean energy in Qinghai Province, building a demonstration area of pure clean energy transmission base for complementary development and comprehensive utilization of a variety of clean energy, which can drive the innovation and development of the whole industrial chain of new energy, and promote the transformation and upgrading of industrial structure in Qinghai Province.”

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